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Pictures of Sam

I’ve really lost my flair for blogging lately! I’m so behind on pictures of Sam. We’ve been super busy trying to make our ends meet and with Paul being gone all the time with his new job. I’ll keep it short and sweet; here are some of our pictures of Sam from the last month:

Asleep in his Bumbo seat. He likes this seat because he can look around and I like it because I don’t have to hold him so much.


In the car seat, ready to run errands with mommy


Couch Potato!


Vegging out with his “other” Grandma, Nana. This is Amber’s mom.

Fighting the inevitable doze off


Filling daddy’s shirt


Little Gilligan, getting ready to go swimming


It was chilly and cloudy for a few days, so we broke out his adorable autumn wear. Notice that the hat is a pumkin; love it!


Looking dazed hanging out with cousin Mason


He can fall asleep anywhere


Just about to konk out


My 2 brown boys knocked out on the couch


His first of many rides on Khai…poor dog. 😀


Looking upset to have a nudie picture taken of him


He keeps sucking on his fists. Not any particular finger, just the whole fist.


So happy on his new superhero quilt that Grandma Janet made for him


We call this one the “smoosh face”


Almost caught his big smile in this one


In his Halloween costume, SO cute! Mom was a roll of Lifesavers and Dad was a Darth Vador PEZ dispenser.


My silly, smiley boy. He is always so happy.


Zoned out watching the tube with mom and dad, hehe


Hopefully it won’t take me 2 1/2 months to post again…:D

love, mary


Graduation & Vacation

So Paul graduated from academy on September 12th!! YAY!!! We are so proud of him for making it through. At the graduation they were talking about how many people actually make it to that point compared to how many people start the process of applying. By the time you get to the academy, you’ve beaten out like 56 people for your spot. Crazy. Paul’s class started with 104 recruit officers, and his graduating class ended up with 54 officers! Needless to say, he worked really, really hard for the last 6 months, and I’m immensely proud. Still not allowed to post pictures, but he did say I can email them to our friends so if you’d like to see them let me know and I’ll send them along. He looked so great in his uniform, and I got really cute pictures of him in his full getup holding, feeding, and walking Sam.  I stayed up all night the night before, getting things ready, and Oscar & Khai helped:

Ok, maybe not that effectively, but they offered moral support.

The graduation was awesome, they were all crisp and clean and did all these cool formations that were perfect, it was neat – just picture those marines gun displays; that sort of thing. The best part was just how proud each officer was for all of the other officers in his class. Seriously you could see on their faces as each classmate was called the total pride they all had in that recruit.

Afterward they were like kids at a playground, it was so funny. The recurring theme in conversation was “I brought X amount of ammo for my new (fill in the blank) caliber off-duty gun!” “Check out my stealth holster, you can’t even tell I’m packing!” etc. They were all so excited to finally be able to carry a gun off-duty. You can’t take the boy out of the man, I guess. 😀

That night we left Sam with Carlos & Amber (yes, it was hard! yes, I cried a little, and yes, I did check in with them while we were gone) and went to the graduation party in Hollywood. It was seriously one of the funnest parties I’ve ever been to. It was held at a night club and had an open premium cocktail bar, so pretty much everyone but us was plastered and it was HYSTERICAL. The funniest part was when the guys were all letting loose on the dance floor and their designated driver wives were embarrassed at their displays and chewing them out for them. What did they expect? Paul asked me what I’d do if I were one of the drunkards’ wives, and I told him I’d probably encourage the most ridiculous behavior possible, video tape it, and put it on You Tube the next day. 😀 Here are some pictures from the party; you can tell that almost everyone is 3 sheets to

the wind besides us:

The guy on the far left was Paul’s partner in Academy and one of my favorite guys ever. His little girl is 5 months old and literally the most adorable baby girl I’ve ever seen in my life. She giggled and giggled when we introduced her to Sam, she just loved him…another picture I can’t post because of the uniforms. Sigh.

The guy on the far right here is my 2nd favorite officer (after Paul, of course). He double failed about a month before graduation and has to start Academy all over again, and I literally cried when Paul told me. If any ofmy girlfriends wants me to set them up with a great guy, he’s the one.

Haha, an obviously drunk couple of guys. I hung out with their wives while they told me over and over again how Paul is “jst th’ grreatst gy evrrr” (that’s me trying to slur over text)

This guy is one of my favorites not because I know him, but because Paul comes home with the most hilarious stories of him. One of the best was when he received his GI bill from being in the military and spent all $14,000 of it in one 3-day weekend in Vegas…and said it was completely worth it. YIKES.

The guy on the left was Paul’s DI (Disciplinary Instructor…basically the head boss). He’s super tall and super skinny, so they called him Gumby hahahahaha. I almost slipped at the party and called him that, it was close!

This guy went on and on for like 5 whole minutes about how Paul has the most fantastic voice of all time and really needs to be in radio or television or something like that, utilizing his great voice. ??? I chalked that one up to the several beers I saw him down. 😀

After graduation Paul had a WONDERFUL 5 days off before he started work, and he took advantage of the rare opportunity to veg out, hang out with his son, and sleep. Here’s some pictures he took of Sammy:

His first actual smile on camera!!

Haha, filling in for daddy for PT duty (physical training)

Helping daddy veg out in front of our newly installed TV network (YAY!!). We got it installed for Paul’s birthday present, so we can watch all of our shows’ premieres this week. I was so happy I danced a little jig.

Anyway, there’s last week’s doings in the Lamas household, sorry it took so long to post it up. Now I’m only a week and a half behind, hahaha.

love, mary

Visit to Utah

We got to go out to Utah for a visit over Labor Day, it was fantastic! We flew out really early Saturday morning, Paul stayed until Monday evening, and Sam & I got to stay until Friday afternoon. We had so much fun seeing everyone and showing Sam off! I’ll admit that I was pretty exhausted by the time we came home, though, and ready to have a vacation from my vacation. 😀 I feel like such a loser, we took tons and tons of pictures but I forgot to take some of the most important ones!! I didn’t get any with Aunt Becky, Ally & Cache, or anyone from the clinic that I worked at. 😦 Sorry, guys, I promise to get them next time. No one is more bummed than me.

Saturday we spent some time at my parents’ house and Sam got to know Grandpa Steve and Aunt Becky, as well as reacquaint himself with Grandma Janet and Aunt Leah

(Excuse Grandpa Steve’s hair; it was early and we caught him asleep)

Playing with Gma & Gpa

hahaha, I love this smashed face picture. He was totally conked out and somehow managed to breathe despite his mouth and nose being mooshed into Gma’s shoulder.

Paul got to go shooting with my dad, I got to go shopping with my mom and sisters, and everyone was happy! 😀

Later we went to Martin’s house to get together with the Lamas side of the family…

Paul, Sam & Paul’s dad Luis

Sam reacquainting with Martin

Meeting our Tia (Aunt) Sylvana, who was totally infatuated with him. Tia is so tiny, Sam was like 1/4 of her size! 😀 We sure love our tia, she is so sweet and everyone who meets her can’t help but love her immediately. Her family gave us a very thoughtful gift of several cute onesies, a blanket, a wipes holder and a comb set. Thank you, tia!

Sam and cousin Heidi, listening to Heidi’s ipod together. These girls love babies, it was so fun to get to spend time with them and have them get to know Sam. We hope they can come visit soon!

Sam and cousin Arlene. Heidi and Arlene are quickly becoming some of my favorite people. I’ve loved getting to know them more and more over the past 3 years, and I feel closer to them every time we hang out. We got to spend some time just the four of us on Thursday and had a great time.

Sam with Arlene’s boyfriend, Darren. He’s really shy but just the nicest guy ever.

Sam and cousin Isaiah. He doesn’t smile in pictures so I told him to smile and got this huge cheeser, haha.

We decided to bless Sam in Utah so the majority of our families could be a part of his special day. We found the cutest little outfit for him and made sure to A) put a onesie underneath for ultimate blowout protection and B) not put his pants on until we were walking out the door. I think Sam is the first baby in the history of the planet to not blow out all over his blessing outfit, hahaha. We were supposed to be at the church early and so of course as we were strapping Sam into his carseat to go he started crying that he was starvin’ marvin. I looked at him and said “you have FIVE minutes. And then you have to be satisfied with that and be good through your blessing”. He’s such a good boy, he listened to mommy. We ended up walking in just as they were beginning the meeting…oops! Sam was the last one to his own blessing, haha. I let my sister be in charge of pictures for me and haven’t asked her for them yet so I don’t have many, but here are a few from the BBQ after church:

Sam and Daddy on blessing day

My favorite happy couple! AJ and Brandon

Sammy with my Aunt Karen. My aunties and cousins were so nice, they all brought delicious food and gifts for Sam to the BBQ. Thanks so much, everyone! I just love getting together with my extended family, they’re all so nice and so fun and have the greatest stories of all time to share. My aunt Karen is a family history guru and has awesome accounts of our ancestors. She had a DVD of her and my dad’s aunties and uncles that I unfortunately didn’t get to see, I was disappointed. Maybe next time.

I didn’t get a picture of Sam and me until after we took his suit off because he was getting too hot. You can see how relieved he was to get out of it; he felt so FREEEE! 😀

My cousins, Aimee & Trent Augustus, and their daughter Kaylee. Trent was the hero of the party because he’s a homebuilding genius and fixed the air conditioner.

Later that day we stopped off to see some family friends, including Larry Dimartini (the guy who owned the motorcycle & sidecar we rode around in when we got married) who is one of my all-time favorite people, and our old friends Mono and Janet Alvarez & their 2 kids. Unfortunately I was really lame all afternoon and got NO pictures of this, AH!

Then we headed over to see our friends Josue and Xinnia Alvarez. Xinnia and I were due on the same day but our babies ended up being almost a month apart! Sam was born on July 24 and Evan came along on August 20th. Even though she waited until she went into labor naturally Evan was born at like 6 pounds 15 ounces! What a tiny baby! We had fun swapping poop stories and introducing the boys to each other.

Sam (who has his a whopping 11 lbs 2 oz and 21 1/4 inches!) looked gargantuan next to little Evan, haha

We put them in Evan’s crib together and the first thing they did was grab each others’ hands like they were best friends, it was so cute! Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t ready to catch the moment and we missed it.

Here is the cute little Alvarez family. Poor Xinnia, we woke her up when we came over so she’s in her PJ’s

The next day we went to Staples, where Paul used to work, to show off baby Sam. It’s crazy how many of his old coworkers don’t work there anymore, especially since they’d all worked there for forever, but there were some familiar faces.

Here’s Megan, with the biggest smile ever. 😀

And Markai, who held him for the longest.

We had fun catching up with Phil, Paul’s old boss, and these two girls for a while before I went home to hit the hay for a little bit and Paul went visiting the other coworkers who’d transferred up to the Orem store. He didn’t take the camera, so we don’t have pictures.

That afternoon we went to visit my friend Ally’s family in Springville (of course, no pictures). Her parents are so sweet, I love seeing them. And her little brother just got home from his mission…if I had any friends that age I would totally set them up, he is SO cute!

After that we headed to the Smith’s house. These guys were my second family for most of my childhood. I was really bummed to miss Lynda, who was working, but we got to see Mel and his oldest daughter Maure and visit with them. Maure and her partner Angela finally got married this summer here in Cali, and she had the most GORGEOUS ring! We all missed Emily & Danny, who are in Boston, and of course Katherine, who we’re sure has this little clan of all our kids around her in Heaven and gives them a kiss and a “give ’em hell!” before she sends them off to us. Don’t listen, Sammy!! 😀

Sam and Grandpa Mel. Maure and Angela gave Sam this groovy onesie, and he was so excited to wear it that he blew out in the onesie he was wearing so he could put it on immediately. 😀

Sam and Maure. Sam really loved Maure, whose baby skills are incredible. I was paying strict attention to all of her tactics, hehe.

Then it was off to the airport for Daddy, who had to go home because LAPD is lame and doesn’t let you have vacation days in academy. 😀 Sam and I consoled ourselves by hanging out with my old friend Merica. She was so sweet and treated us to dinner and cheesecake (woohoo!) and then we spent hours and hours talking at her apartment. We finally left at like 1AM, I felt bad because she had to work in the morning.

Here’s Merica, who looks cute, with Sam, who looks kinda weird. 😀 We took pictures of Merica and me, too, but those should not be seen by the general public. Ever.

Tuesday we spent shopping with Ally and Cache, who we unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of. AH! I could kick myself. We found lots of really good sales, which was great for me because we have no money and none of my clothes fit me. I was so excited to get some clothes that fit I seriously almost cried. Then I went and got my hair done for the first time in 6 months and again, almost cried with happiness. 😀 Brandalyn was so sweet and insisted that I not tip her as her “baby present for Sam”. I waited to get my hair done in Utah because salons out here either have astronomical prices or are located in the grocery store, which is just scary. 😀 Tuesday night we hung out with Brandon and AJ at my mom’s house, talking about her wedding and such. I am SO excited for her wedding and SO bummed out that I’m not out there helping her plan it.

Wednesday we went to lunch with my friends from my old job at Mountain View Marketing (BOO, MVM!). I love these girls so much it’s ridiculous, I love getting together with them. Lani had her 1-year-old Payton there, who is usually the happiest little baby in the whole world but was really not sure about the whole Sam hogging all the attention scenario. I tell ya, that girl has got the crusty look thing DOWN. 😀 We ended up staying at the restaraunt (yay for Cafe Rio!!) for like 2 hours, I felt bad for those who have jobs and had to stay late/leave early to accomodate the lunch date. But I’m sure glad you did, I love you guys!

Lani holding Sam and Payton pouting about it. 😀

Lani and Sam

Nikki-Nikole and Sam. She’s too good to read blogs so I don’t have to feel bad for picking this picture to be the one everyone sees, hahaha.

Jes and Sam. I hate to be one of those people who has a baby and then thinks other people should have them, too, but Jes should really have a baby. She is incredible with them. Little kids flock to her like she’s the Pied Piper, they just love her. Sam included. I was going to go see her and Banks later that night at their house but of course got caught up in other visitations and missed out. I was so bummed not to see him, but I guess we’ll just have to make do with next time.

That afternoon we went to the clinic I used to work at so everyone could meet Sam. He was cooed over and just about every single person thought that they were the first ones that day to come up with a cute “little girl” joke in honor of Sam’s gender surprise at birth. Kind of like when people make lamb jokes when they find out my name is Mary. 😀 We were happy to see everyone, though, those ladies & gents were there every day through most of my pregnancy and therefore most of my whining. 😀

Later that night Sam hung out with his cousins, Will and Loren. They are so cute, they’re way excited to meet him and look at him and hold him…until they’re holding him and then they’re done with it after oh, twenty seconds or so. 😀

Sam and Will, who proclaims him “very handsome”

Sam and Loren, who is mildly disappointed that Sam isn’t a girl but thinks he’s really cute, all the same.

Grandma Janet working on Sam’s baby quilt, which is the COOLEST thing ever!!! It’s superheroes and I didn’t take a picture of it on purpose because I want to get the whole effect when it’s finished.

Later my high school friend Marissa came over to visit on her way out to move to SLC, hehe. She just got a new job up there and finally found an apartment. She informs me that she used to be all about baby girls but thanks to Sam and her little cousin she’s in love with baby boys now. 😀

Thursday we spent hanging out and playing games with Aunt Becky, which was so much fun. She even busted out the old swing so Sam could enjoy it, braving the depths of the “stuff” closet to get it out. We took the opportunity to enjoy some Burgers Supreme while daddy wasn’t here to make us feel guilty about all of the grease, and it was pure heaven. Hear that, Paul? HEAVEN.

We spent a few hours with Arlene and Heidi, too, chatting it up at noodles & company (ok, I admit it, I had 2 lunches. Sue me.) over their delectable mac & cheese. I really love those girls. Arlene was a total sweetheart and gave me her blackberry car charger, since she doesn’t use it and my phone had like 1/2 a bar left (Paul took our sole charger back home to Cali). We stopped in to say good-bye to Tia Sylvana on our way out, too.

Then we went wedding dress shopping (ok, just looking at the one she already picked out) with AJ. She looks AMAZING in that dress, I love it so much!! I really wanted to take a picture but they are NAZIS about cameras in their stores so I didn’t. We also made the obligatory stops at the Utah craft stores, since the Cali ones SUCK and are freaking expensive, and had a great time talking wedding. When we were done we went to her house and Sam met her mom, Karri.

Apparently he’s got a thing for doing this face with the Wightman girls. 😀 AJ’s nephew Jude was there and wasn’t sure how he felt about Grandma holding another baby. He was petting her hair like she was a kitty cat to gain the spotlight back, hahaha. So cute.

Then we walked up for a brief visit with the Rowley family, some more of my favorite people.

Shane was convinced that he could get Sam to give him his first smile (Sam knew better and saved that for mommy earlier this week – SO cute!!!) and was tickling and cooing all over the place. Kyle was trying to help by making farty noises with his mouth, and when I pointed out that this would probably just encourage Sam to fart, not smile, he became fixated with the idea of hearing this wonderful phenomenon. Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t up for a private concert so Kyle was disappointed. 😀

Unfortunately, we only got a very brief visit with Dalene, who’d been at a child CPR class all night. Sam was loving snuggling up with her for a few minutes, though, and we felt so sad for her that she hadn’t heard from her new missionary, Luke, yet. I think Sam was an ok consolation for a few minutes. 😀

Friday we only had time to pack and leave for the airport, so we (VERY sadly!) didn’t get to see the last few people that we really wanted to on our trip. (Joanna, I promise you will be the FIRST person when we come back!) We were VERY, VERY happy to be with daddy again, but this is pretty much how both Sam and I felt when we got home:

We unpacked all of our suitcases, and check out all of the baby stuff we came home with from Utah!!!

We couldn’t believe how sweet everyone was with all of their gifts and hand-me-downs. We are so blessed in this, we won’t have to buy Sam any clothes for a full year! Thanks to Ally, especially, for the unbelievable amount of gently used baby clothes that she and Cache passed our way.

We had so much fun seeing everyone and can’t wait to come back out! We love you all!!!

love, mary

Sam’s 3rd & 4th Weeks

Sam is officially 5 weeks old as of yesterday! It makes me want to cry how fast time is going already. I put one of my favorite onesies on him the other day and it was too small! Tragic. Most first-time parents can’t wait to get to the next stage of their child’s development, but I already just wish he would slow it down.

He’s been growing a lot lately, which means he is a HUNGRY little boy. He’s been going on these marathon binges where he wants to eat every hour, which makes mommy VERY tired. I tried really hard to get him to take formula, but he won’t eat much of it in the first place and then it makes him spit most of it up and what’s left makes his little tummy really upset. We’ve been really tight on finances lately, but after several miserable failures with formula, we finally bit the bullet and bought a breast pump, which has made my life SO much easier. Paul has been really awesome on the weekends when he doesn’t have to get up at 4:00 the next morning and has been taking one of the “night shifts” with feeding Sam so I can sleep. God bless him!!

Sam’s eyesight has also been getting better and better; he smiled at mommy for the first time the other day!! It made all those frustrating late nights SO worth it. It still takes him a long time to really focus, but he’s looking around a lot and looking into our eyes more and more. We still can’t quite figure out his eye color; it’s usually lightish brown but a lot of the time has a gray-blue tint to it, too. Very distinct and totally impossible to catch in a picture.

He still farts an awful lot, which of course amuses his parents to no end. We took him to church again the other day and had the whole back row of Relief Society giggling. I’ve started making him have “tummy time” to build neck and torso strength; it’s not his favorite thing but he tolerates it for a few minutes before getting verbally upset.

We try to give him his pacifier as much as possible so that he’s only eating when he’s really hungry. When that’s not around, we try using our fingers…obviously clean fingers taste yucky, haha.

Sam and mommy have been trying to spend more time outside lately, so that the dogs get their exercise and mommy starts being a little bit less lily-white.  Here he is hanging out by the pool:

I was messing with the camera colors earlier that day and forgot to take it off. He is such a studmuffin; everywhere we go literally dozens of people gape and coo at him, telling us what a beautiful baby he is…as though we don’t already know. Psh!

The dogs do really well with Sam, they like him a lot and try to sneak in licks on his toes when they think we’re not looking (this is a no-no). Khai usually sleeps next to Sam’s crib nowadays instead of next to my side of the bed…very cute. And Oscar still thinks he’s died and gone to heaven when Sam’s got a poopy diaper – we can hardly pry his nose away from Sammy’s bum, hahaha. They are feeling a little attention deprived, though, so I took some pictures of them while we were at our little condo dog run the other day.

Here’s Khai running back with his ball, excited as can be.

Oscar and Khai anxiously awaiting the throwing of the ball. Oscar doesn’t actually play fetch, he just likes teasing Khai into thinking that he’s going to get the ball first. He enjoys Khai’s discomfort. 😀

When he’s not teasing Khai, this is usually what Oscar is doing…he’s such a lazy dog.

Sammy likes to watch them while they play around in the dog run…

…which is completely exhausting so then, of course, he has to take a nap. 😀

We’re totally & completely in love with this little boy and being his mommy & daddy. We can’t wait for everyone else to meet him this weekend!!!

love, mary


Ok, I’m getting worse and worse at blogging! I do have good excuses, though. We’ve had a parade of visitors here for the past week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to myself. I did have a big blog all ready to post about Paul’s badge & swearing in ceremony, but just as I was about to post it Paul came in and asked me not to – that stupid policy that they have about posting police stuff online. He had to sign a document when he started academy that he wouldn’t post pictures or videos online because it can compromise who knows what. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal but I guess I have to respect his wishes. 😀 There were some VERY cute pictures of Officer Daddy pushing the stroller around, though. So there’s my excuses, sorry for the long absence.

Paul’s mom, Nina, was in town first. She stayed with us for a couple of days to get to know Sam while she was here from Seattle before going on to visit other family members. I feel like such a loser but apparently I didn’t get any pictures of her without Paul in uniform in the picture, too, so I can’t put any up here. I felt bad that her visit was pretty boring, but I guess you can’t really ask much from a mom with a newborn running on 3 hours of sleep, right? 😀 She got to come to Paul’s badge ceremony, which was nice, and we got all caught up.

Aunt AJ came that Saturday (August 16th) to hang out with us for the day, and we had so much fun! We went to Pasadena to pick her up at the hotel where she was staying with her fiance, Brandon, and his family. She was, of course, immediately in love with Sam and wanted to hold him all the time. AJ loves babies, I think it’s so cute to watch her around them. It’s especially fun when it’s my son that she’s holding and loving, I’m so glad that they got to meet so soon after he was born!

Here they are right after I got there and she commandeered him from me 😀

I think this one is so cute, they’re making the exact same face at each other

We were REALLY happy to see each other; it’s been so long!!

Sam also got to meet his uncle-to-be, Brandon. We really love Brandon, and we’re SO excited that he and AJ are getting married!!! I forgot to get a picture of her ring, but it’s the big, beautiful sparkly that she’s always wanted, hehehe.

The next day Uncle Martin was in town and we went to lunch with he and Uncle Koki at a Peruvian place in Van Nuys. The food was good but the restaurant was a total dive, this homeless guy came circling through while we were eating asking for money, and there were flies buzzing around the lobby. We had fun talking, though, and walking around ghetto Van Nuys for a little while afterward while Paul tried to find the Army surplus store to buy a badge holder. I’m glad Sam is too young to have to keep him from touching everything, ha ha ha! 😀

Here he is with Uncle Martin. I love how uncomfortable the Lamas guys are with the baby, they’re so afraid to break him. It’s really cute.

Last week Paul took his shooting test to qualify with the department and he made Sharpshooter status!! We are so proud of him, that’s a great accomplishment. They gave him this medal to put on his uniform and (drumroll, please!) an $8 per paycheck pay increase! Hallelujah, now we can afford diapers, haha.

Later that week Sam got a package from his “Godmother”, Cami (my college roommate and good friend). In it was this onesie, which is hands down my favorite.

It says “I am boob man!” and I think it’s the funniest thing ever.

The next weekend my brother Mike came into town on business and got to stay the weekend. We were so excited for him to come, he’s always so much fun to hang out with. I inevitably almost pee my pants laughing every time, he’s so freaking funny. This time it wasn’t me, though – my sister Sarah spewed her drink through her nose, hahahahaha. We ate dinner and played games (Loaded Questions – if you haven’t played it, go buy it. Funnest game EVER) and had a great time in general. Mike was really reluctant to hold Sam as he is under the delusion that A) babies and small children don’t like him and B) there was no way he could hold him and not drop him. I finally convinced him to sit down and hold him for long enough that I could take a picture. Don’t let Mike’s face fool you, he never actually SMILES in pictures. The slight smirk is the closest thing you’ll get. He seemed to really like Sam, despite his aversion to holding him. 😀

We were so happy to have all of our visitors, it was so fun to see & hear from everyone!!

love, mary

The Frown

Oh! I finally got a picture of Sammy’s sad little frowny face

Isn’t it pitiful? He’d better not ever figure out just how pitiful or he’ll have a way of getting anything he wants from his mommy. 😀

love, mary

Experience at the Photographer’s

Monday marked a momentous occasion in the life of Sam – his umbilical cord finally fell off, yay! I woke up and went to change him and there was his cute little outie. We celebrated with pictures, of course.

Someone asked me if I was going to keep it…um, GROSS! Unless other kids’ belly button cords are somehow cuter than Sam’s, I don’t know why anyone would keep that. It’s just not cute. It went out with his soiled diaper, may it rest in peace. 😀

Yesterday we decided that it was time to get some professional pictures taken of our little guy while he’s still all curled up and newborn-ey.  I’ve been wanting some really great newborn pictures of him and found this fantastic photographer, but you definitely have to pay for what you get from him so we opted to see how JC Penney did first because I had a coupon. I really love those naked black-and-white newborn pictures where they’re all curled up on their tummies and such, and that’s what I had in mind when we got there. I knew we were in some trouble when our can’t-be-a-day-older-than-sixteen photographer saw Sam and started cooing “you’re just so cute, what are we going to do with you? What are we gonna do with you? What in the world are we going to do with you?” …..? Seriously, all of the baby cooing possibilities out there, and that was your top selection? She also suggested that we put him on a fluffy white background with a blue ribbon around him and a tag that read “our precious new delivery”. …….. we decided to go another route – I took over all posing and creative options.

After taking some shots in his batman onesie and cute little shoes, he was super fussy so I retreated to the dressing room to nurse him for a minute before doing the nudie poses. I nursed him until he dozed off, then we took off his clothes and his diaper and waited for the inevitable fountain of pee to come and go before taking him out. When that was over (caught in a diaper, of course) he decided to be all fussy again so I started nursing him for another minute. I didn’t want to have to get him used to naked freedom again so I didn’t cover him up with a diaper while I nursed, though Paul warned me that this was a bad idea. I hate it when Paul is right. After about a minute and a half there was a resounding squelch and my lap was covered in baby poop!! I thought Paul was going to have an aneurysm, he was laughing so hard. Literally on the ground, rolling around, dying of laughter.  To add insult to injury, as I was trying to wipe the poop off of my corduroy pants I all of a sudden felt very warm on my right side, right about where…yep, defecation apparently wasn’t enough for Sam, he had to top it off with a good old pee-on-mom session, too. To make it even better, he was right under my chest so it looked like I was having some sort of weird lactation. Thanks, Sam. 😀

The pictures ended up being really cute, if not quite what I had in mind. I’ll post some of them up when we get them back in a couple of weeks, and then I can get the birth announcements out, too. Everything else is good here in our neck of the woods, just loving our cute little son and trying to get him on a better schedule. Hopefully that one won’t take too long, napping between dinner and 9:30pm then again from 2 to 5am is a little weird. I don’t know why he thinks that his room at night is more interesting to lay awake and look at than his room during the day. 😀 Here’s some more pictures for ya’ll’s enjoyment, since we have a neverending supply.

Ah, so cute!

love, mary

Another Week

Ok, I’m not just posting once a week on purpose, but Sunday evenings have been the only times that I’ve been able to do so – the rest of the time I’m too busy sleeping between feedings or adoring my son. 😀 I’ll try to be better but make no guarantees.

We had a good week, pretty laid back. Last Sunday we had some friends from the academy over for dinner, which was a really good time. One of my favorite guys from academy, Figueroa, had unfortunately double failed a test and so has to start all the way over, poor guy! So we invited him and Tufunga & his wife Chrissy over for dinner. I was going to make something in the crock pot but after 4 1/2 hours of cooking it I lifted the lid and inhaled the heavenly aroma of…bad meat! Ah! Good thing I checked it in time to whip up some enchiladas instead, that could have been wicked embarrassing!! We had a great time chatting about childhood memories of curfews and wooden spoon spankings, hehe, Paul couldn’t join in of course because he never had such disciplinary actions as a child. 😀

Paul had night watch most of the week, so he went in from 1-9:30pm instead of the usual 6am-2:30pm. I loved it, because when Sam was fussy in the middle of the night I didn’t have to feel guilty about it waking Paul up; heck, I even made him handle it half the time. It was wonderful. We felt the full extent of Sam’s nighttime fussiness this week without Grandma Janet here, which resulted in a lot of scenes that looked like this:

For some reason Sam has developed an affinity for sleeping on his side; perhaps because because pregnant mommy had no other option? 😀 Seriously I’ve been so tired this week, I consider it a success if I have clothes on by 2:00pm.

Monday & Tuesday we just stayed home and did chores, etc while dad was at work. We’ve been working on birth announcements but don’t have the pictures that I want yet so haven’t mailed anything. (and yes, Merica, I did have really adorable girly announcements all made up and had to start all over, but the boy ones are wicked cute too so it’s ok :D) There’s a guy in academy that used to be a photographer before starting with the PD who said that he’d be happy to take pics of Sam for us, but he’s been too busy since we asked him and I don’t want Sam to get too grown up before we take them, so I’m sensing photographer shopping in my future. 😀

Wednesday’s highlight was a pretty heinous trip back to my OBGYN for him to check out a stitch that had come out at some point before everything was healed. I won’t go into detail, but this did involve replacing the stitch sans any sort of numbing agent. YIKES. And yes, I did swear pretty profusely through this in front of my infant son. You can look at me when his first word is something that involves symbols in it. But really, can you blame me? He put one stitch in, then decided that it needed another one. At my horrified look he decided that it’d be a good idea to bring on the lidocaine before the second one, which in and of itself is not a fun experience but significantly better than a stitch. Yeesh.

Thursday morning was Sam’s 2-week checkup with Dr. Arora. Everything is looking really good, minus his weight. He still hasn’t gotten back to his birth weight – he’s 6 ounces short – so she told me to make sure that I’m waking him up to eat every 3 hours and bring him back in for a weight check next week. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been weighing the benefit of gaining 6 ounces and the benefit of sleeping for 4 or 5 solid hours in my head, and I’m not too convinced that the 6 ounces are winning. 😀 This is the only picture we managed to take of this appointment – Same trying to eat the nurse’s hand while we try to measure him.

He’s average height, though (makes us hopeful, hehe), and average head circumference, so he’s doing just fine.

Thursday night we headed to Sarah’s house for a waxing party. That’s right, you heard me, a waxing party. This is an event in which Marci, an asthetician who lives in our stake, brings over her waxing table and supplies and makes us all various shades of hair-free in the other room while the rest of us gorge ourselves on potluck snacks and girl talk. It was such a good time, but I forgot my camera. Probably just as well, since almost everyone had scarlet stripes above and below their newly perfectly-shaped eyebrows by the end of the night…that’ll make for some scary pictures. 😀 Unfortunately I didn’t find out about the party until it was too late to grow anything out, so I didn’t have anything waxed, but it was still a good time. There are a lot of fun women in my stake that I’ve been getting to know.

Sam is apparently getting into a growth spurt, because in the 4 1/2 hours we were over at Sarah’s house I fed him 4 times, and then on our way to a midnight Wendy’s run he had his first full-blown yelling fit in the car and I had to feed him again in the parking lot. That night he wanted to eat about every hour for about 20-30 minutes each time, and didn’t go to sleep until 4:30am. Nice. I felt so bad for him, though, crying so hard. He has this really pitiful frown that only shows when he’s super upset that I haven’t gotten on camera yet, but it really is sad. I think that when I finally get a picture of it Hallmark will pick it up for a “get well soon” card.

Friday night we finally got to have our postponed date with our new friend Charity and her new baby, Grace. Sam and I headed over and had dinner, dessert and chatting with a little Opening Ceremonies action mixed in (those were way cool, by the way). The babies slept most of the time but they did wake up a little bit at one point and we got some cute pictures.

Grace is 8 days older than Sam and just as cute as can be – look at all her hair! They both sport mohawks most of the time, though they were just showing bedhead in these pictures. 😀 Charity’s husband is a cop, too, and it’s great to be able to talk to someone who’s been through everything we’re going through already and can tell me that it’s worth it and all that. We had so much fun with them, thanks for the date, girls!!

Saturday night my sister called & asked if we were headed to Stake Conference. We hadn’t been planning on it – ok, we’d completely forgotten about it – but then Sarah and I had this conversation about how when you don’t go to Stake Conference you always feel like you’re going to miss THE big announcement. Like “ok, everyone, Jesus is coming on this date, and only those of you righteous enough to be in attendance tonight get to know in advance so that you can really prepare” or “ok, the saints are all headed back to Missouri, and those of you here, here are your plane tickets and hotel vouchers. Those who chose not to come tonight will be getting a handcart and a summertime hike across the western United States”. So we went to stake conference. 😀 It was a really great meeting and I was glad we went. When anyone felt like dozing off Sam was quick to wake them up with a nice, big fart – he kept everyone within an 8-foot radius of us giggling through most of the meeting. 😀

Today we gave Sam a bath in his little tubbie, though his umbilical cord is still stubbornly clinging by its last little bit so we can’t fully submerge him yet. He was pretty ticked off for a minute when we put him in, but then realized that hey, this warm water stuff is actually pretty awesome, and communicated his approval by a glorious golden fountain from his nether-regions. 😀 Luckily it arched clear out of his little tubbie into the big tubbie and down the drain, so we didn’t have to totally start over. Please excuse my son’s genitalia in these pictures, I’m trying to practice the embarrassing nudie pictures for future girlfriends.

And here are the pictures that I just think should be in here because they’re cute:

*Note the ADORABLE little shoes that my son is wearing – mommy’s favorite article of clothing


Trying harder and harder to focus every day

Sleeping soundly, man he’s just so cute!!

Love, mary

Other Cute Pics

Here are just some of my favorite pictures that we took this week:

Playing with dad, trying to focus on his face

Haha, I called him “ice cube” all night when we dressed him in this, because he looked like a mini gangsta with his hat and his cute facial expressions. This is one of our favorite expressions; we call it “the pirate” because he only opens one eye and keeps opening his mouth like he’s going for “ar, matey!” or something like that, haha.

I came in upon this cute scene one early morning when Grandma Janet was first here. They were both sound asleep and looking really adorable.

This is Sam’s annoyed face, which looks exactly like his father’s annoyed face.

Hanging out with Grandma Janet while his parents were conked out for hours on end. He LOVES his Grandma!

This one is just cute. I just like it. 😀

Monday July 28th

Warning: I obviously did zero blogging last week, but it was an eventful week and I want to make sure I document it. So I’m going to be posting like 6 blogs, because I’m long-winded and didn’t want to make one enormous one. However, they’re also full of pictures of my darling little boy to whom I know you all are already addicted, so I know you’ll persevere through them all. 😀

Monday July 28

We took Sam in for his first doctor’s appointment with Dr. Arora, whom we liked a lot. Sam did really well despite being really hungry – he didn’t even pee on the nurse when she took his diaper off to weigh him! How impressive. Our little guy has already lost 11 ounces, we couldn’t believe it! Dr. Arora said that everything looked really good except that Sam was looking pretty jaundiced. She sent us to the lab for a bilirubin test, which was so sad – they poke the baby’s heel and keep draining blood from the poke until they fill a small vial. Sam did NOT think that this was a fun experience, but he cried less than the 10-year-old kid next to him in the lab, hahaha. Dr. Arora said to make sure that Sam is eating as often and as much as he should be (he’s prone to conk out like a teenager and not want to wake up to eat), and to keep him in indirect sunlight as much as possible to help his body break down the cells it needs to.

Oh, ya…and Dr. Arora is totally beautiful! I think Sam may have a crush on her 😀

Sam needed a lot of comforting in the waiting room, because it happened to be time to eat and I had nowhere to nurse him and not enough time, anyway. He is such a great baby, he faced the fact that food wasn’t coming for a while and cuddled with mom & dad instead.

When Paul, Sam & I got back from the doctor’s office Grandpa Gilbert & Tia Hilda (Paul’s grandpa & his sister) were waiting for us at the condo to meet Sam. They loved him! Grandpa was having a hard time deciding if Paul or Sam was a cuter baby, but we all know that it’s Sam. 😀 Tia Hilda gave us a really generous gift that definitely came in handy buying some necessary stuff later in the week; thank you, Tia!